Letter to the Editor: Holiday Bowl dancers

Dear Editor:
The girls who attended the Holiday Bowl in San Diego in December recently received the video of their performance and training. After watching the video I was reminded of how amazing the experience was for the girls and for the parents who were there to watch and those at home anticipating seeing the performance on TV.
Kari Jo Stevens made this once-in-a-lifetime experience happen for these girls. It was because of her persistence that our girls were chosen. We often say that living in a small community limits our kids but in keeping our kids involved in the opportunities presented to them in this small town, they are presented with many opportunities. I am thankful for that!
Through participating in the Holiday Bowl the dancers were able to work with choreographers known around the country. They had the opportunity to learn so much. When game day arrived and the dancers finally entered the stadium, the excitement they anticipated was magnified! Many of us stood in the stands watching our dancers perform, impressed that our small town dancers were part of such a large event.
Thank you Kari Jo for giving our dancers this amazing experience. Thank you Michelle Smith for handling all of the money from fundraisers, donations, etc., for making all the travel arrangements and for everything else you did. Thank you to all of the businesses and individuals who donated money for the trip. And, thank you to all of Taylor’s family who pitched in to make her trip possible. The memories will definitely last a lifetime!
Jennifer Turner