Letter to the Editor: “Home Of…” suggestion

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Dear Editor:
I have a suggestion, and maybe it is one you have already received.
When you revamp the “Home Of…” feature in the Herald Times, how about including a picture of the person or family being featured?
Then, when we see them, we have a face to put with the name and know to whom we are saying hello.”
Cathie Dolan

EDITOR’S NOTE: That is one of the ideas we are looking at when we bring the feature back — likely in September. One thing we are definitely looking at is asking the residents of the Meeker and Rangely areas to send us the information in response to uniform questions. The problem we had before was finding people who wanted to be featured at all. We may leave the option to the family or parents as to whether they wish to submit a photo to go with the story. Anyway, stay tuned. The feature should return sometime in September.