Letter to the Editor: How about state of Western Colorado?

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Dear Editor:
In the April 4 edition of the Herald Times, U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton pointed out how severance tax dollars are not being distributed as originally planned.
To paraphrase what was said, “It seems the large population centers can suck up an unfair amount of the funds because they have the population and, therefore, the votes.”
Maybe this is the reason most government facilities such as jobs, income and spending are located along the Front Range.
It could also mean that SB-252 (the alternative energy bill) will become law even though most of the rural electric associations and Western Slope citizens are against it.
It seems the best and perhaps only way to combat this while saving Meeker and the Western Slope is to create another state. Think of West Virginia and Virginia.
Yes, the idea is a long shot, would take a lot of work and is totally out of the box. But if not this, what? If not now, when?
The wishing and hoping just isn’t getting it done.
Tom Tucker