Letter to the Editor: How much per pupil will Meeker receive?

Dear Editor:
I have been following the Meeker School District state funding issue for the past several months.
While it has been stated that the district will receive $352 less (per pupil) this year than last, I have not seen what that amount is. Also, is the fact that most of the districts in the state will receive $172 more per student this year, than last. Again what is that amount?
Is the state trying to rebalance the funding to make it more fair or what is the criteria used in the formula?
I understanding it is complicated, but the objectives must be simple as to what the state is trying to accomplish through its funding levels.
I would like to know, for example, how much the state is contributing to a student in Colorado Springs and how much they are contributing for a student in Meeker — and most importantly — why?
I am sure the board and district community will be looking at the funding levels in the near future, and the figures of the amount the state contributes to the different districts, and the “why” would be important in that discussion.
Any help you could provide would be appreciated.
Thanks for the good informational and editorial work you do for our community.
Dan Francis

EDITOR’S NOTE: The reason for the difference is that the state is attempting to equalize the per-pupil payment from the state to the school districts. Therefore, the Robin Hood effect is in full play, wherein the richer districts are having their per-pupil state funds lowered to assist the poorer school districts so all state school districts receive the same amount per pupil. Meeker received $7,978 per student last year and that figure will drop by $352 per pupil this year, when the district will receive a projected $7,625 per pupil for Fiscal Year 2013-2014.