Letter to the Editor: How will we obtain broadband?

Dear Editor:
I see the fiber optic lines are currently being installed in Rangely (and Meeker).

Somewhere in all the meetings and articles and the subsequent county vote, I have missed how we will connect to the system.
Can you do an article about who will get the service, in what sequence and mostly, who will deliver it to our homes.
Will it be a new vendor or is this technology being offered to the exiting internet providers?
Thanks for your help!
Kelvin White

EDITOR’S NOTE: The service will be offered by subscription to those who want to purchase it, but many of the details as to cost, when available, in what sequence and who will deliver it are not yet known factors.
When more information on your questions becomes available, the Herald Times will certainly do a story informing the county’s residents how to proceed.

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  1. Cimarron Telecommunications
    (Powered by Rio Blanco Broadband)
    Is pleased to announce the pending arrival of fiber to the homes and fiber to the business communities of Rangely and Meeker.
    The conduit is currently being laid in the right of ways at a rate about 3000 feet per day and fiber will be coming online as certain phases are completed. We strongly encourage home owners and local businesses to take advantage of the free installation of the conduit to your property. This will not require you to commit to any service but we believe it will add value to your property compared to homes/businesses without a fiber connection. We expect to have a permission form available on our website soon where you can grant our installers access across your property to install conduit from the right of ways to your location. We anticipate fiber Internet to be active before the end of the year depending on the impact weather may play with the installation of the conduit. Please follow us on our website (www.cimarrontelecommunications.com) for further information as we update it as soon as more information becomes available to us. This also provides an opportunity for pre-enrollment and includes our price points for various packages.
    We eagerly look forward to partnering with you in bringing fiber service to your homes and businesses.
    Bob Knight
    Cimarron Telecommunications, LLC.

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