Letter to the Editor: Huitt runs for mayor

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Dear Editor:
Citizens of Rangely, I want to tell you why I, Frank Huitt, want to run for the office of mayor. In almost every election we have choices and those choices have consequences. We see this at all levels of government. For the past eight years as your local councilman, I have fought for business, the energy industry, conservative spending in order to keep our utility rates some of the lowest in the state and for accountable local government.
I have supported and presided over decisions that have helped the low income, our children, our local college and schools and many private citizens. I’ve not only supported the town by serving on its council, I have also served on other boards such as the parks and recreation board and the Rangely Public School Foundation.
Working with the council and administration of the town, we have added several million dollars to our reserves which are now being used to rebuild our water treatment plant, water sewer and gas lines and our waste water treatment plant. By being fiscally responsible we have been able to keep utility rates at some of the lowest levels in the state.
One area in particular that I and others on council have been particularly interested in improving is Rangely’s only low income public housing project. Just in the last three years alone, we have obtained grants and used reserves to insulate, add a new roof, remodel several units, add new heating and air conditioning to all 24 units and new appliances for all units and design and build a new entrance to the building.
Many know me as an outspoken advocate for small government and less intrusive government, a strong supporter of business and new business development and a person who is honest and sometimes opinionated.
Many know me as person who will speak bluntly about the things I believe to be important as an American and as a citizen of Rangely, Colo.
Rangely is our home. I raised my family here and I developed a business, employed many and made a living in this community. I want many more to do the same, but we have a group in Rangely that want very different things for our town.
We have a small group in Rangely that care more about dividing our community and acting irresponsibly in order to have a little bit of fleeting power. Those who care less about doing what’s right for everyone and more about taking care of the needs of a few. This kind of government has been an age-old struggle and one that we have successfully defended against for the last few years.
How do you determine who to vote for this year? A vote for Frank Huitt is a vote for honesty, smaller government, cost effectively delivered utilities and services, a pro-business environment in a small western Colorado community. A vote for Frank Huitt is a vote for reason and fiscally responsible government. I would appreciate your continued support.
Frank Huitt