Letter to the Editor: In favor of mill levy override

Dear Editor:
I would like to share my support for the Meeker School District mill levy override—ballot question 3A—in the upcoming election.

I believe that in order to maintain a positive public education system in our town, we must act as a community to support ourselves and our students.
The crisis of how our state funds public education is not soon to be remedied and the Meeker schools cannot wait any longer for a solution to trickle down nor can we expect continued emergency financial support from the state.
Therefore, I plan to vote “yes” on ballot initiative 3A in order to allow our school district some level of greater financial independence and stability.
The benefits received from the proposed mill levy override are so great—including reduced class sizes, more course offerings, staff support and facilities support—that they heavily outweigh the nominal value of a tax increase.
I hope that as a community we can prove that we collectively value education for our children. Please consider the power of your vote, and join me in supporting our local school district.
Mandi Etheridge