Letter to the Editor: In support of Anthony Mazzola for sheriff

Dear Editor:
I would like to submit the following letter of support for Anthony Mazzola for Sheriff of Rio Blanco County. I would also like to urge the voters to take the time and speak with their candidates and remove any doubt about the “myths” that surround every election.

Anthony has made himself available on his own time to both ends of the county and would love to communicate directly with you at 970-878-4590.
Both candidates have a long and dedicated law enforcement history, but I believe Mr. Mazzola is best prepared to meet the future of Rio Blanco County, which will face many challenges including limited financial resources, political mandates and technology advancements.
Mr. Mazzola is a native-born Coloradan with a family history dating back 45 years in Northwest Colorado. Anthony is a man who has lived his whole adult life “Under Oath.”
First was his military service to his country as a member of the United States Army, which included a tour of duty in Desert Storm, followed by 23 years of service in law enforcement dedicated to the protection of the public.
I have known Mr. Mazzola for many years, but my most recent professional experiences with him were with his role as a director on the board at White River Electric Association. I witnessed his progress as a leader over his eight years of experience on the WREA Board.
Anthony is a second generation board member as his late father, Roy, served many years ago. Anthony has provided governance over a business model that has 35 employees and a budget in excess of $70 million annually. He has also been exposed to many corporate challenges in his tenure at WREA, the kind of challenges that build character in a leader.
Anthony now leads the board as its chair, where his integrity, fiscally responsible ideals and unwavering dedication and loyalty are the benchmark for all to follow. Anthony’s service to the membership has taken him to the state capitol and to Washington, D.C., where he has provided leadership and comments to our state and federal legislators on behalf of electric consumers. Anthony is widely known and respected by hundreds of rural leaders across this country.
I have also shared many years of service with Anthony as members and past presidents of the Meeker Lions Club. The Meeker Lions are a very active group providing a variety of community-based events that support the Lions’ mission while being the busiest and largest service organization in Meeker. Anthony has faithfully served the community through Lionism, and, as a veteran of a foreign war, Anthony is also an active member of the VFW Post.
Anthony has proven to be fiscally conservative, dedicated to the Constitution of the United States, including strong support of Second Amendment rights.
Recognizing that this county has two cities, geographically separated, Anthony is dedicated to provide leadership, direction and protection to all citizens and locations in Rio Blanco County.
Dick Welle