Letter to the Editor: In support of legal marijuana sales

Dear Editor:
I support the lawful sale of medical and recreational marijuana to adults in Rio Blanco County.
I have sympathy for the use of medical marijuana by our sick, handicapped and those who cannot access high-priced prescriptions. It would be shameful for us to deny one citizen who is in chronic pain a local source of relief.
The lawful marijuana industry is highly regulated by government like liquor, prescriptions and cigarettes.

It does not offend me if others smoke cigarettes. I respect the right of others to choose to smoke. I can accept that others choose to engage in high-risk behaviors. This happens in a free society.
I am encouraged that the hemp industry on many levels may present new agricultural applications in Colorado. I would call upon our county extension office to sponsor a seminar on such developments.
Will the opening of a single store bring a group of barbarians to our gates to wreak havoc? A better and safer course is to find a fair compromise. A new business can be given six-month temporary permit followed up with a fact-finding public hearing.
Rio Blanco County is known to attract “pioneers” who are willing take on new ventures. All business pioneers deserve, respect, a pat on the back and our well wishes. We need more doers than talkers.
Rio Blanco County needs a giant Business Door Mat on our steps that reads: “Welcome!”
Joe Fennessy
Rio Blanco County Colorado