Letter to the Editor: Investigating Benghazi an expensive vote

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Dear Editor:
“GOP-led panel largely debunks Benghazi claims: Report backs U.S. response, finds no cover-up by White House.”
This was front-page news in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel two Sundays ago.

The two-year investigations was a political joke. This was the seventh congressional investigation on Benghazi. All seven debunked Benghazi claims.
So what do the Republicans do with such information? They have an eighth investigation at a cost of $3.3 million.
Are you kidding me? I used to blame the politicians for such stupidity, but now I realize that it’s the voters.
I can see John Boehner saying, “It’s time to open the ninth investigation into Benghazi” and his Tea Party followers cheering him on. Come on!
I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Fifty-five times trying to overturn Obamacare should have given me a clue.
Robert Dunlap
Grand Junction