Letter to the Editor: Jon Hill for county commissioner

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Dear Editor:
Rio Blanco County is in a precarious position. We have lost a tremendous amount of revenue mainly due to the decline of the oil/gas related industries. Not only do the employees directly employed by this industry suffer, the effects trickle down to almost every household in the county in one way or another. This is why the Rio Blanco County county commissioner’s election is so critical to our area this year.

I have known the two candidates for District 2 (Rangely) for as long as I can remember and consider both long-term friends. This is what makes voting in a small community so difficult. Which friend to vote for becomes a tough situation and it takes a lot of effort to cast your vote with the county’s best interest in mind. I hope after this letter, I will still be considered friends with both.
Although I believe that both men would represent the county to the best of their ability, I would like to point a few differences that have helped me in deciding who the best candidate would be.
Theodore Roosevelt’s famous quote: “Speak softly and carry a big stick; and you will go far” perfectly describes Jon Hill. Although he is quiet by nature, the many accomplishments he has been involved with have proven that this is not a drawback but an asset. His connections that reach far beyond our county will prove to be more and more important as we head into a different economic climate.
Before becoming a county commissioner, Jon has served on the board of directors of the Uintah Cattlemen’s Association and the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association and was president of the Uintah Cattlemen’s Association; was on the board of directors and was president of the Rio Blanco Stockgrowers; served on the Rio Blanco County Planning Commission; served on the BLM’s Northwest Resource Advisory Council; and was the first chairman of the Columbine Park Board, in which he presented the proposal for pari-mutual betting to the Colorado Racing Commission and took care of the legal details in order for the county to be approved to allow betting at the horse races.
Since being elected as District 2 county commissioner, he has not only performed the regular duties of a commissioner, but he has taken on these additional positions that have a huge, positive impact on our county:
He has also served as chairman of the board on the Yampa-White- Green Roundtable throughout the writing of the Colorado State Water Plan and is still on the board.
He represented Rio Blanco County on the Penstemon Conservation Team, saving this sensitive species plant, which grows best in oil shale, from having detrimental impacts on the oil/gas industry in our county.
He represents the county on cultural resources travel management plans in the White River Resource Area and the Little Snake Resource Area; the National Associations of Counties, Western Interstate Region meetings, Colorado Counties, Inc., The Associated Governments of NW Colorado, and Club 20 and is still a member of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Federal Land Committee.
He, along with the other current commissioners, have had the foresight to add the fiber optic to our communities, and that will benefit nearly everyone and may even possibly bring much-needed revenue to the county. Under their watchful eyes, the county reserves are back to an optimal level.
Jon has brought a unique set of experiences to the county, all of which prove that he is dedicated to going above and beyond to represent all people on both ends of the county. His strong pursuit of so many items that have a direct impact on keeping our county strong is something we should be very mindful of when casting our votes.
Please consider voting for Jon Hill and help to keep our county moving in the right direction.
Teri Wilczek