Letter to the Editor: Keep it up!

Dear Editor:
We just returned from another wonderful Meeker School District Christmas (yes I did say Christmas not holiday) Concert performed by the Barone Middle School band. We were impressed by the talent and professionalism shown by Bob Eggebraten and his respectful students.
What really impressed us was the selection of music the young adults played.
The songs included not only holiday classics, but CHRISTian (there’s that word again) carols as well.
We take pride in the fact that the Meeker school district has kept Christ in Christmas and not followed the rest of this country in trying to be non-offensive to those that don’t believe in Christ.
We’re not trying to offend anyone or shove our beliefs upon anyone.
However the fact remains the season is called CHRISTmas!
This country needs a lot more places like Meeker to put CHRIST back in Christmas. Maybe we would have a lot more happiness as opposed to all the sadness that is occurring in places like in Newtown, Conn. Maybe what this country needs instead of gun control is to release the God control that has crippled this great nation (just a thought).
As the sing-along portion of the concert happened I looked around and there were a lot of happy faces as we sang CHRISTmas carols with our neighbors.
This is one reason we love calling Meeker our home.
I pray that some day we can get this great nation back to where it was built on God and freedom.
As long as we have communities like Meeker (I’m sure also Rangely) there is still hope for us, our children and grandchildren that we can once again proudly say
“One Nation under God.”
So way to go, Meeker School District for not bending to the political correctness and taking CHRIST from the Christmas season.
Keep it up!
May God Bless everyone and above all,
“Merry CHRISTmas”!
Tim and Cindy Nelson

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