Letter to the Editor: Let’s amend the constitution

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Dear Editor:
Join the movement to amend the U.S. Constitution.

The bloated federal government and its overreach are hard to understand and deal with. Washington’s abuse of power—instigated by both Republicans and Democrats—must come to an end before it is too late.
It is logical to assume that Washington, D.C., will not limit its own power and stop its own overreach, stop “interpreting” the Constitution or quit involving itself in scandals.
Since Washington does not seem inclined to operate in the best interest of the majority of citizens, the Constitution offers a method to attempt to solve the problem: Article V.
Article V offers two methods of amending the Constitution to modify or end certain actions or processes taken by the federal government.
The first is for the U.S. Congress to call a “convention” to address problematic issues through amendments. This is highly unlikely since members of Congress are unlikely to vote for things that negatively impact them.
The second is for the states to call for a convention to amend the Constitution, called a Convention of States. This is the most likely option since the states need the power they were afforded by the Constitution returned to them.
There is an organization working on “Convention of States” already. The Citizens for Self Governance are supporting the Convention of States Project in all states.
If you are interested in reducing the power of the federal government and increasing the power of the states, join by going to conventionofstates.com.
There are groups in each House district in Colorado already working to have Colorado support a Convention of States. Join and help solve the problem.
Gary Cox
Grand Junction