Letter to the Editor: Let’s move on

Dear Editor:
First of all I do not like seeing (airing) problems of our fine Town of Rangely in local newspaper. Serving on any town council job in a small town is first of all not for monetary gain. It is because we like our fine town and try to do the best job we can for the taxpayers.
In today’s fast changing world, running and serving in government office there are people who win and people who lose, but in the end the American people have made their choice. Let’s stand by that choice and give whatever support to these people in office we can.
Sure, mistakes are made, let’s move on. No one is getting rich but just trying to do what is right for their fine town. Let’s not go after our town manger, he is a man just doing his job the best he can and a very good job at that.
Everyone has their own views and I also have stated mine. Let us all stand behind our town government, this is why: Rangely is very fine town to live in.
Pat and Dave Atherton