Letter to the Editor: Letter regarding trailhead parking

Dear Editor:
I guess it is illegal to park your vehicle on a public street in Meeker?
I received a visit from the Meeker Police Department at my house today to tell me not to park on a public street. I must digress a bit here.
I drove my vehicle up to the Dorcas Jensen trailhead and parked on Seventh Street, approximately 50 feet back from the signs indicating not to block access to the gates by the water tanks.
When I parked, I made sure I was not in front of someone’s driveway. Apparently, an individual in one of the houses, backs out onto the street and makes his turn downhill, and I was impeding the normal way he leaves his residence. So, he calls the cops to have them tell me not to park on a public street.
Instead of the police telling the individual that it is legal to park on a public street, the Meeker police decided to come talk to me.
The officer indicated that it was not against the law to park where I was, but that I inconvenienced the homeowner.
One would think that the Meeker police would have more pressing issues than to harass me for parking on a public street in a manner that was not a violation of the law nor a public safety issue.
That begs another point. Where I parked is a designated access point for the trailhead.
I suppose if you want to limit people coming to utilize the trailhead, this is a good way to do it.
What about handicapped people? What about families? There needs to be some form of parking up by the water tanks to access the trailhead.
Joe Foster