Letter to the Editor: Letter to Meeker Streaker riders

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Dear Editor:
This is an open letter to Meeker Streaker riders.
It has been a tough winter and the snow is piling up. As we try to deal with the above-normal snowfall, the Streaker Team would like to mention a few items relative to traveling with the Meeker Streaker.

We mention these items in the spirit of safety for everyone. Our mission is to provide you with safe and timely transportation to your appointments and Chuckwagon Lunch.
When requesting a ride, it is safest and most helpful if the path from the house to the bus is clear and safe for walking. We realize that with continued snowfall and the ice that comes with the thaw/freeze cycles, this will be a challenge. However, it could prevent an injury from a slip and/or fall. This effort is especially critical where your path meets the street.
As the city continues to plow the streets after snowfalls, they inevitably create a berm of hard-packed snow and ice. This berm may well be difficult and heavy to remove, so please be careful with your efforts. Perhaps consider asking family or friends for assistance with your snow-removal needs.
Many of the alleys in Meeker are now impassible for our vehicles. If you are normally picked up in an alley, please check to see if the Streaker can travel through the alley. Otherwise, you will need to walk to the nearest street. Call us and together we can arrange the best location for everyone’s ease and safety. Again, please be careful if you have to walk some distance through snow and ice.
During periods of heavy snowfall, some side streets also become unsafe for the buses to drive on, so please be understanding of our situation if a driver simply cannot get to you for a ride.
Travel in the downtown area can be extremely challenging, and sometimes not possible, during some snow events. With the snow piled in the middle of the streets and a number of long vehicles parked along the curbs, there simply isn’t enough room for the buses to try to negotiate these areas safely.
Lastly, we would ask that you make sure your trip request is necessary, especially if the weather is bad at that time. We will make every effort to get you to all health-related appointments as well as the Chuckwagon meal site. However, there are always hazards and risks associated with vehicle travel. With adverse weather and road conditions, those hazards and risks are increased.
We appreciate your help and consideration of these situations. Our drivers will continue to strive to provide service to you as best as they can. And, as the days get longer, spring is on the way and we will all be able to look back at this winter and be glad it is over.
Margie Joy,
Dale Houser
Mark Rogers
The Meeker Streaker