Letter to the Editor: Many helped make field trips possible

Dear Editor:
In May, the Parkview Elementary Treasure Hunting Club will take two field trips in search of “treasure.” We will be taking the entire fourth- and fifth-grade classes and use high-quality metal detectors, pin-pointers and digging equipment.

Student will be taking a “hands-on” approach to learning science and history as well as developing a life-long hobby. Students will be taught about digging etiquette, asking permission, sharing historical discoveries and working together.
This has been made possible by the generous support and contributions of a number of organizations and individuals in the Rangely community.
I would like to recognize Giovannis, Stewart Welding, the Bank of the San Juans, Professional Touch, Sam Tolley, Big D’s, Deserado Mine, Ducey’s Electric, Raven Realty, Rangely True Value, Rangely Conoco, Williams Energy, the Kirby family as well as the Rangely School District.
Each entity donated funds, making the purchase of high quality equipment possible.
I would also thank Rangely Trash Service and EMC Plumbing for the donation of metal detectors.
Finally, thanks goes to the Wagner family for providing their ranch for our treasure hunts.
Dana Forbes
Fourth, fifth grade science teacher
Parkview Elementary School