Letter to the Editor: Meeker chamber backs broadband in election

Dear Editor:
The Meeker Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors votes yes in favor of ballot issue 1A on the mail-in ballot for the Nov. 4 election. A vote of yes on this ballot issue could bring high-speed Internet access capability or “broadband” to our area.

Broadband providers can offer this service to urban areas, but not to the lower populated areas like Meeker. If Rio Blanco County works together with these providers, they can collaborate and bring broadband to Meeker.
Voting yes allows the government to be involved in this process, where otherwise it would be prohibited. Once broadband capability is here, then private providers such as AT&T can offer the services to residences and business.
Broadband in our area would have tremendous impacts on businesses, education, health care and entertainment, improving economic development and our quality of life. Improved connections with telephone, television, Internet and other high speed data is vital for future sustainability.
As technology advances with our iPads, cell phones, computers, games and movies, the need will increase for high-speed Internet. Among the many benefits, broadband will attract new businesses, improve existing businesses, offer opportunities in education through online learning, improve remote access to services and it will be affordable.
Other rural Colorado communities have voted for this type of collaborative approach to effectively bring broadband telecommunication services to their residents.
The Meeker Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors strongly supports this initiative for a successful future for Rio Blanco County. For more detailed information please contact us at 970-878-5510.
Board of Directors
Meeker Chamber of Commerce