Letter to the Editor: Meeker Classic board thanks community

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Dear Editor:
As we button up the hatches from another year of sheepdog trials, the Meeker Classic Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to so many in the community who make this event possible.

Just passing the 28-year mark, the Meeker Classic owes its success to the folks of this community that lend countless hours as volunteers, vendors, sponsors and event support. Each person shows up to do their part and it all fits together, working like a well-oiled machine — a phenomenon that doesn’t go unnoticed.
Each year we receive countless emails, phone calls and letters from visitors commending the community on the Meeker Classic. The friendly, welcoming demeanor has a lasting effect on people. They end up returning each year, looking forward to sharing time and friendships in Meeker.
Known across the world as “the trial to win,” Meeker has made its mark on the sheepdog world and those who come to visit. So, as you each go on with your lives please know you’ve contributed to the making of a great event.
As Keith Chamberlain wrote of the Meeker Classic for its 25th anniversary: “To be able to legitimately say that this may be the premier event of its type in the country is pretty impressive for a little town of 2,000 people.”
Although it was talking about the incredible dogs that are the heart of the event, the American Sheepdog Society might just as well have been talking about the Meeker Classic when it suggested, “Here, one can be in touch with something useful and unspoiled.”
Thank you all — this community makes it happen!
The Meeker Classic
Board of Directors