Letter to the Editor: Meeker mayor urges residents to vote

Dear Editor:
This is an open letter to the citizens of Meeker.
It is always amazing how last week was New Year’s Day but next week is now March 1. Daylight Saving Time and the first day of spring are upon us. As these days and weeks become years, we have a chance to make a difference.

As we contemplate what has transpired in this rush of passing time, we need to also be thinking of the future —our future. Our actions today drive what becomes of that future.
A prime example is our Meeker High School wrestlers; they have become our state champions through a daily process of hard work and training, always working towards their next match and, ultimately, winning the Colorado State Championships. Our own goals need to exemplify their time and effort by utilizing our ability to make a difference.
This year, we have a chance to make a number of decisions that will have a direct effect on our future. We are currently facing a daily barrage by the media concerning our upcoming November presidential elections. At the same time, we, as citizens of Rio Blanco County, will have the ability to elect two of our three Rio Blanco County commissioners. For those of us in the Town of Meeker, on April 5 we will be electing three town board members to the Meeker Town Council.
This year, we have the ability to vote for those candidates willing to serve on the Meeker Town Board. Five citizens have chosen to put themselves in front of you to help make Meeker’s future bright and positive.
These five, Travis Day (current board member), Jason Dunham, Wendy Gutierrez, Melissa Kindall and Chris Lockwood are willing to make decisions based on their individual experiences. They are willing to let you give them your thoughts and ideas of how you think those decisions should be made. This is your chance to make that happen.
In addition, the Town of Meeker is looking for two more of you who are willing to sit on the Town Planning Commission. The town depends on you as a citizen—come help make a difference.
The Town of Meeker election will be held by-mail in ballot. Pleases fill out our ballot and return it via the U.S. Postal Service or drop it off at Town Hall, located at 345 Market St. or the io Blanco County Clerk and Recorder’s temporary office, located at 1032 Jennifer Dr. The deadline is April 5.
Please, help make a difference. Get out and vote.
Regas K. Halandras
Mayor, Town of Meeker