Letter to the Editor: MHS sophomores thank sponsors

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Dear Editor:
The Meeker High School sophomore class would like to thank Cuppa Joe, Napa, Krule Construction, Meeker Drug, Oakridge Outfitters, Shepherd’s Office Outfitters, Meeker General Mercantile, Wendll’s Wondrous Things, Meeker Collision, Rocky Mountain Bowstrings, Salon on 6th, Northwest Auto, Bolton Construction, Green Cabins, Valley Repair, McGuire Auto Parts, Tips to Toes, Shelton Ranch, T.C.O./Pontine family, Shelton Welding Services LLC, Cole Field Services LLC and Snap.Click.Design for their generous donations to support the 2013 homecoming dance.
It was with these donations that an amazing, fun and eventful homecoming dance was possible. We appreciate you all!
Meeker High School
Class of 2016