Letter to the Editor: More thoughts on climate

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Dear Editor:

It would be false and irresponsible to claim that man has no impact on the environment or ecosystem. It is, however, debatable as to how much or how little effect we really have. There is no question that Earth’s climate is changing. In fact, climate change has been occurring since the Earth was formed.

As we humans evolve and begin to understand some of the cause and effects related to climate change, we suddenly and irresponsibly think we can control or prevent it. How many times does Mother Nature have to show us how small and insignificant we are before we actually believe it?  Many Capitalists would have us believe, that if we buy into the science of today, our salvation will come in the form of tech stocks or a solar home package thus profiting from environmental terrorism. Environmentalists are adept at blaming man or man’s use of the environment for all forms of calamity based on the science of the day. However, as was brought to light in a guest article by Leona Hemmerich, science is often incomplete and easily manipulated. We humans can be selfish and wasteful and pretty poor stewards of our home. It is a good sign that we are concerned about our environment and what legacy we leave for the future. It is good to see that we are attempting to limit the harmful effects of our existence. However, it is also false and arrogant to claim that man is the cause of climate change. For every scientific conclusion that man contributes to the changes in the environment, there is an equal scientific conclusion that the contribution is not significant enough to support anthropogenic (human-induced) climate change i.e. man-made CO2 and flatulent bovines aren’t the problem! Climate change will happen regardless of our part in it. We are but passengers on this planet and not the driving force. Be it by Father God, Mother Nature or our own childish ignorance, we are likely to be purged without our consent.    

“Hank” McKay