Letter to the Editor: Move forward to improve state roads

Dear Editor:
A recent report ranked Colorado’s rural and urban interstate conditions 47th and 33rd in the nation respectively. Whether you’re from Meeker or from Denver, poor transportation conditions are a problem.
Fully investing in our state’s transportation system is a shared responsibility, and we must work together if we’re to succeed.
In the near future, Colorado could face a ballot measure asking voters to invest more in transportation. Educating and persuading residents will be a challenging process that will take a statewide coalition of determined people. We’ll need to be united behind a vision that promises a better future for us all.
What does a future with modern transportation options offer?
A report by American Road & Transportation Builder’s Association calculated that “money invested in transportation construction industry employment and purchases generates $354 billion in annual U.S. economic activity.”
Greater investment in Colorado can have long-term economic and community benefits.
To get there we’ll need an open, honest discussion. Public officials and the Colorado Department of Transportation will rely on community feedback.
Identifying our priority projects will provide us with credibility when making the case for more funding.
During the process, it’s important to remember that we’re all in this together. It’s not easy balancing the needs of diverse communities.
At times we may disagree, but we can’t sacrifice our overarching goal of fulfilling our mission of a safe, efficient and reliable multi-modal transportation system for Colorado’s citizens. We can overcome our differences and create a better future for our families if we stand by our mission.
We must move forward, push for change and unite behind a common duty to make Colorado better for its residents.
If we’re willing to go the distance together, we’re capable of building a 21st century system that provides us with mobility, freedom and economic rewards.
Let’s be considerate of each other’s needs and understand that we’re stronger with a united voice.
Melissa Osse
Executive Director
Move Colorado