Letter to the Editor: My vote was cancelled

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Dear Editor:
My vote was cancelled.
The lady in the last election who voted for Obama because he gave her a free cell phone, I figure my well-thought-out vote was cancelled out by her vote.

A young man was shown a picture of Abraham Lincoln and was asked if he knew whose picture it was. The young man replied, I don’t know his name, but he was a racist. I wonder if he is going to vote in this election?
A young adult is going to vote for Bernie Sanders because he is going to get him a free education. I suggest that if you want a free education from Bernie that you get it in writing. There will never be a government free education program for you.
Another is voting for Hillary Clinton because it is time America has a woman president who knows what she is doing. Excellent choice.
Another is going to vote for Ted Cruz because Ted looks like The Penguin in the Batman! movie! I guess that could be a good reason to vote for Ted. This vote will cancel out the Hillary vote.
Make your vote count, please!
Jeramee Brumback