Letter to the Editor: Nation lost over shutdown

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Dear Editor:
Bob, the “liberal” member of “The Five” on Fox News at 3 p.m., has claimed a great victory for the president and his fellow liberals after the resumption of business as usual in Washington. There were no winners. Our nation was the loser.
At no time during the debates was there a serious discussion of lowering the national debt. Our political leaders are still focused on spending and adding to the $17 trillion national debt we are passing on to our grandchildren, their children and their children, etc., for time eternal.
Republican leaders need to offer realistic solutions instead of expending energy trying to change laws guarded by the power of the veto. We need to get rid of the man wielding that power, President Obama.
The Republican party should offer a platform mainly consisting of two goals: reducing the size and cost of the federal government; and promoting growth.
Every federal agency should be scrutinized to judge its necessity in the overall operation of the federal government. Operations best left to state authority should be eliminated. This would include the departments of Energy and Education and possibly others, and the reduction in the authority of agencies such as the Federal Highway Administration, which has outlived its usefulness.
Growth can be encouraged by freeing energy resources from restrictive governmental regulations. We could be exporting many tons of our greatest energy resource, coal, instead of trying to kill the industry. The pipeline from Canada should be approved.
Growth results in more income to run essential governmental functions without raising taxes. Reducing red-tape assists growth.
Republicans have a difficult task ahead. To accomplish the agenda outlined above, it will be necessary to win a majority in Congress and the presidency in 2016.
Dick Prosence