Letter to the Editor: New front of Justice Center just doesn’t match

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Dear Editor:
I just want to say I agree with everything stated in the letters in the Feb. 11 edition of the paper by Bobbie Amick and Connie Theos.

It is my understanding that part of the old school was left standing to sort of appease some of the folks who did not want the school destroyed in the first place.
It seems like they could not even get that right and stuck an entrance onto what remains of our beautiful old building that does not match or fit into anything downtown.
I cannot believe they could not salvage enough stones for this entry from all the truck loads of stones that were hauled away from the demolition of the school.
I don’t believe county officials tried very hard if at all to find the rock for the entrance. As with the whole project, I believe their minds were made up and nothing was going to change regardless of what the people wanted.
There was an informal vote on this project—the result was 400 in favor of not demolishing the school (400 or so citizens signing petitions and three in favor). I guess we know who those three were.
A short note about Amanda Jaquez’s letter. Yes, a lot of people were critical with good reason. I don’t know of anyone being rude. I believe aesthetics of a public building will impact lives for many years. Beauty and the aesthetics of public buildings do have an impact on our lives in ways that are hard to measure.
Charlie Brown