Letter to the Editor: Note of thanks to those who care

Dear Editor:
This is a note of thanks for those who care.
Following our letter to the editor in the Herald Times approximately a month ago, when we grumbled and growled about the Town of Meeker and its method of delivery of the notices to “clean up/mow your yard,” a lot has happened. I feel that Meeker is a much-more-presentable town due to the cleanup in progress!

I also am of the belief that Meeker is and has always been an attractive town, cleaner by far than many others its size. Thank you to all those hard-working people who care. It shows!
We have had many great people offer to help out with those who can no longer keep their yards in shape. Most of these volunteers are already doing more than their share, but they are willing to do more because they care.
Caring and sharing is what makes a small town the best place to be and, regrettably, it is the first to go when a town grows. I am encouraged by the fact that Meeker has, so far, been immune to this. We all still care.
Thank you to everyone who is helping out their neighbors, friends, church members and anyone who needs a helping hand, often without any recognition at all. You are all a big part of what makes Meeker the best place to live and work in America.
We are all blessed to have generous people giving back and giving ahead, which makes life easier for us all. We cannot say it enough: Thank You!
A special thank you goes to the two fine ladies who, on their own time and at their own expense, mow the “Welcome to Meeker” signs, and have done so faithfully for several years. Your gift to Meeker is noticed and greatly appreciated by us all.
Frank Sampson