Letter to the Editor: Now is the time to eliminate invading weeds in RBC

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Dear Editor:
Whitetop, hoary cress, is blossoming now and can be seen just west of the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife and north of the intersection of highways 13 and 8.

I have been impressed with Rio Blanco County’s beautiful, weed-free lands.
A heads-up, however, that whitetop is now advancing into Powell Park and is 50 feet from a big ditch.
Also, the whitetop across from CDOT has blown up since past years.
Whitetop is on the B List of Colorado Dept. of Agriculture’s categorization of noxious weeds plants whose continued spread should be stopped.  It will be very sad for me to see whitetop overtaking the land in 10 years.
Please advocate to the county commissioners and other affected property owners for it to be stopped, while you can.
Susan Sammons