Letter to the Editor: Obama! Jobs you created

Dear Editor:
Obama! Jobs you created.
President Obama, you claim to have created hundreds of thousand of jobs.

I do believe you have—they are all in the phone soliciting business.
I get dozens of unwanted calls every week, wanting to give me free back braces, arm braces, knee braces, heart monitors, fall-on-my-butt monitors and so on from Medicare.
I pick up my phone, and there is a voice on the other end, but I can barely understand his bad English. The voice says, “This is John; can I speak to Jelly?” I tell him, “John, this is Jelly.”
John says, “Jelly, I can get for you flee from Medicle a back blace, alm blac, knee blace, hand blace, any king of blace you need for youl bad pains. I have you doctol’s phone and his name. All you have to do is say yes into youl phone when I tell you.
I reply, “For God’s sake, you want my darned Social Security number too?”
As I was going to hang up, I hear his voice say, “I don’t need it; I already have it.”
Jeramee Brumback

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  1. They are CALLING you because (1) you have not put yourself on the do-not-call list, (2) you likely signed up with the AARP (whose sole purpose is to advertise to you), (3) YOU TALK TO THEM, (4) you are on their “gullible list” from other scams you have fallen for and (5) you likely cling to a landline.

    You think you’re so clever, blaming the President.

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