Letter to the Editor: Proud of MHS students

Dear Editor:
A week or so ago, I had the opportunity to attend the awards assembly at Meeker High School. I was more than impressed.

There were a few other people in attendance—a few moms, dads, grandmas, but the majority of the audience was the MHS student body.
The students were respectful and polite. They were having fun, cheering each other in celebration successes and awards.
They even gave one young man who has chosen to serve our country in the military a standing ovation.
The stage was full of kids receiving awards for athletics, drama, music, art, citizenship and some scholarships.
One senior had already earned his college associate degree.
The stage was overflowing with academic awards honors. Meeker is so lucky—we have some amazing kids.
I would hope the administration, school board, teachers and the public could put aside personal agendas and vendettas when making decisions for our school district and remember who this is all about: our great kids.
Go Meeker Cowboys! Go Meeker!
Jen Whiteman