Letter to the Editor: Rangely … Did you know?

Dear Editor:
While my wife and I were in Colorado taking a month break from the Texas heat this past August, we had an opportunity to visit the middle and senior high school campus in Rangely. My wife and I were both graduates of Rangely High School in the mid-1960’s and it was our first time to visit the “new” campus that is now almost 25 years old.
What an unexpected blessing it turned out to be for both of us. The principal, Berry Swenson, graciously volunteered to be our guide as we toured the entire campus along with visiting several of the classrooms in sessions. We also had the opportunity to visit the teachers in the classroom setting and had the privilege to interact with many of the students during the tour.
What did we discover during our impromptu visit?
n It’s obvious the principal is interested in the well-being of each of “his” students and the students seem to have the utmost respect for him and the teachers they interface with.
n Swenson has a clear vision of how the school should operate and it reflects that vision.
n The overall school environment has been staged by Swenson for learning and preparing the students for the next phase of their lives.
n The school premises were like new … the classrooms, hallways, gymnasium, cafeteria, outside grounds … clean, well-maintained and nothing out of place.
n The students were focused and on task in each class that we visited.
n The students were polite and responsive to our questions and you could tell they had a sincere desire to be there.
n The teachers were well organized, in control and seemed to have a real rapport with their class.
n In summary, we were blown away by what we observed … it was very impressive.
Rangely did you know how fortunate you are to have Swenson as the middle/high school principal? Rangely, did you know you have several members of the school board (not all) that are totally unaware of the impact Swenson is having on the student body and first class operation he has put into place?  Rangely, did you know Swenson could use the school board’s full support? Rangely, did you know you have a school board election coming in November? Rangely, based on what you now know, what are you going to do about it?
Douglas and Karen Chapman
Kingwood, Texas