Letter to the Editor: Rangely officials support broadband measure 1A

Dear Editor:
The Town of Rangely supports the county’s efforts to develop and enhance robust broadband infrastructure in our community and throughout the county.

We also support utilizing a ballot question—1A—required by Senate Bill 152-05 passed back in 2005 in order for public entities to participate in delivery of broadband services.
The Rio Blanco County Commissioners have been instrumental in understanding the problems related to developing broadband infrastructure in our county and for our communities. They have assembled the resources necessary to make this economic development necessity a reality throughout our county.
The Town of Rangely understands the limitations and reservations private developers have in building this type of infrastructure due to the overall cost of construction and delivery of these services to the consumer.
Because of the low number of users and the economic viability for improving our broadband infrastructure, our county is falling woefully behind in broadband capacity required for economic growth in Rangely and throughout the rest of the county.
Passing ballot initiative 1A this November would allow Rio Blanco County to participate in building a fiber and wireless backbone. This backbone will eventually host private providers of broadband services on a world-class fiber and wireless speedway to every home and business in Rangely, Meeker and throughout the county.
Please support Rio Blanco County’s Ballot Initiative 1A. It’s good for the future of our county
Mayor Frank Huitt,
The Rangely Town Council
Town Manager Peter Brixius