Letter to the Editor: Rangely watchdog

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Dear Editor:
I would like to thank all the people that supported me this week with the good job, way to go, waves and thumbs-up from people that I didn’t know. I expected some negative remarks and dirty looks but the way the people in town have responded to the article in the paper I guess I did good.
I just hope it has done enough good that more people will start paying attention to what is being done with their tax money and just what they can do to be heard. I have started a new e-mail address for the people of Rangely to post complaints, questions and comments: Rangelywatchdog@ hotmail.com.
First concern that came in today is from a concerned citizen:
“After reading last week’s newspaper over election violations it questions the integrity of who is running our town. On the website it states that the town manager’s office provides for executive management, leadership, guidance and support for the town government guarding the town’s image and reputation. Therefore I question the image that the town manager is presenting to the taxpayers and others when attending town business. Why is our town manager using a personal, unmarked vehicle to represent the town? Is he not proud to have a vehicle that has the town logo on it? The appearance that he presents now is that he can fill up on taxpayer dollars and leave town without accountability whether it be during the week or on weekends. Also who pays for the vehicle maintenance, tires and oil changes on the vehicle which is also being used for personal business? Outcome that I would like to see is that our town manager be accountable for his actions on how tax dollars are being used for personal use that he presents the image and reputation that the town desires.
Only town employees are supposed to be in town cars, all town cars should have the town logo.”
Darlene Feller