Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Doug Overton to the fire district board

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Dear Editor:
I would like to have the community support in my re-election to the Rio Blanco Fire Protection District board of directors. I have the experience not only as a board member but as a 22-year veteran of the Meeker Fire Department of which I served 10 years as the fire chief.

It is important to maintain this experience in the administration of a historically great department.
I am sorry that you all have had to read and listen to a disgruntled employee and his friend the editor. If you have any questions about any of the talking points in question, please get ahold of me or any board member to get our side of the story before condemning us.
Please vote in the Rio Blanco Fire Protection District election on Tuesday at the Fire House. We need as big a turn out as possible because we need to get a good representation of what the public wants.
We don’t want or need any more politics that will distract from the good job the volunteers do.
I would also like to give my support to my fellow incumbents Rick Dodds and Sherri Halandras.
Douglas A. Overton
Fire Board Member