Letter to the Editor: Reader read up on issues before voting

Dear Editor:
My name is Ed Ballegeer and I have a few comments in reference to your “Through My Window” comments in the paper last week.
Before you tell me how and where to vote you should know me. I am 77 and I have a hard time just walking to my bedroom let alone to the polls to vote in November, when there could be snow on the ground.
And I read up and make my mind up regarding who or what I will vote for long before election day. I may have been born in the dark. but it wasn’t yesterday. I do give a damn.
Don’t put me down when you don’t even know me.
I voted no on the school bill 3A because the money is divvied up with most of it going to the east slope — the liberal areas of eastern Colorado.
I was born and raised in Colorado and love my state, but the Libs are destroying it.
Ed Ballegeer

EDITOR’S NOTE: I fully respect your reasoning, and I am ecstatic that you learned about the issues before you voted via mail. I am afraid you are probably in the minority. Also, I assume you are referring to Amendment 66, not “school bill 3A.” I, as well as the Meeker and Rangely school districts agree with you as well on Amendment 66. You state you voted against 3A, which you could not have voted on because it was a Meeker-only tax issue, and all of that money would have stayed within the Meeker School District.