Letter to the Editor: Residents invited

We would like to invite the residents of Rio Blanco County, Rangely and Meeker to a mixer to meet and greet our county commissioner, Kai Mark Turner. We are holding this event to visit with Commissioner Kai Turner at 259 Crest St., in Rangely on the Friday, May 25 from 6-8 p.m. We would appreciate, if you can attend, to give us a call at 970-675-8573 or 970-629-5574 to help in planning enough refreshments for all.
Our reason for this event  is to let those who have not had a chance to visit with our commissioner to do so and ask whatever questions they may have. We know there are regular meetings of the commission. However, we also know that many of you cannot make those meetings. So, we are bringing your commissioner to you in the evening to enable those who can, to share their concerns, questions etc. direct with the commissioner. We thought, perhaps those staying home for this Memorial weekend would find this a good time to share your  thoughts about our county with your very own Commissioner Turner. 
For those who are not aware, Commissioner Turner serves on the Colorado River District Board representing all of our needs with regard to water. He also is on the Basin Roundtable, critical as well to our area.
Your commissioner has spent this past two years making contacts that enable our county to move forward in many areas, which definitely include water. While Commissioner Turner serves on several boards representing our county, in a truly professional manner getting things done, he also finds time to visit with his constituents. Please come and share your ideas, thoughts and issues with Commissioner Turner.
We have visited with many people and have found Commissioner Turner has helped any number of residents of Rio Blanco County with issues over the past two years. Come and visit with the commissioner about any and all issues facing our county. While this event is in Rangely, we invite all from the county to share this time with us to find out exactly what is happening within our county.
Thank you so very much and hope to see you on Friday, May 25 at 259 Crest St. in Rangely.
 Crystal Ducey and
Peggy J. Rector