Letter to the Editor: School children have excelled in Meeker

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Dear Editor:
Where do I start? Looking back over the 2014-2015 school year, your children have taken the bull by the horns and have excelled.

Every sport has gone above and beyond. Students have given their all and climbed to the top. I can not say enough good about the coaches that give their all so your children have the desire to take the challenge.
Thank you.
Thank you to our high school art students. Thank you Mr. Ben Quinn for inspiring the talent that is in each student.
Thank you music students from the middle and high schools. Thank you Mr. Jeremy Hemingson for your love of music is flowing into our students. The concert was fantastic. Looking forward to next year.
Thank you seniors for applying yourselves in everything you took on. You will make a difference in the world. I am looking forward to seeing you coming back to our community one day.
Thank you all students in all our schools. I have the privilege of going to each school and working with the staff and students. I see more good than bad every time.
Thank you staff in all our schools. We have very dedicated educators. It would take a page or two to list all the great things our educators do for students. Just know that I appreciate all you do. I see you in action and all of you excel because you love what you do—opening the world to a young mind.
Thank you Meeker Elementary School staff. I enjoy the git ‘er done attitude. Have a restful summer.
Thank you supportive staff. Our children grow with your nurturing and care.
Thank you administrators and school board. You have a thankless job but keep a smile on your face and keep trudging on.
Thank you PTO for all the extra support you give to our schools.
Thank you secretaries, paras, janitors, lunch ladies, bus drivers and everyone else who is involved with the education of our community’s children.
As educators, we are dedicated to the children and desire to help them to become the best they can be.
Community, we have educated your children in spite of it all.
Have a great summer and keep reading.
By the way, I love my job because of all of you and the children, whatever their age.
Kay Bivens
Librarian, Meeker School District