Letter to the Editor: School wanted more than jail

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Dear Editor:
I have followed the recent idea to build a jail where the historic elementary school is located with some concern.
I was born in Meeker, recently taught in the Meeker schools and actively continue in education. As a community, Meeker has a wonderful Main Street, and, when the elementary school was in that building, the start of each town weekday was busy, with children going to school and families right in the heart of town.
At homecoming, the parade goes directly past the playground and the school band plays on the courthouse lawn. It sends a message that education is at the heart of the community.
The elementary school was moved to the edge of town. Now, there is a proposal to build a jail in the center of town?
Is crime that rampant within Rio Blanco County that the community needs to fortify the town center? Does Meeker really want jail inmates where there used to be a playground for children.
There are several better options open for the historic elementary school.
In my opinion, if a jail is actually needed, move it out of town and refocus town planning on growth and learning, on the community and family.
Rory Wilson