Letter to the Editor: Squeaky wheel for transportation

Dear Editor:
A squeaking wheel, this one voiced by those of us who believe obsolete and dangerous highways on the state highway system should be modernized, almost got greased by a law if passed by our legislature which would have provided funds for several highway improvement projects on the East Slope and two here in our area.

The first was for improving the I-70 business loop through Grand Junction, and the second would have improved old segments of State Highway 13 from Rifle to Wyoming.
Denver-area newspapers reported that the bill was killed by Democrats who apparently believe that saving lives with a safer highway and providing jobs to workers is less important than their precious social programs, which include gay rights, giving toilet rights to transvestites, opposing voter ID, killing unborn babies and, if you voted for President Obama, gutting our military, welcoming immigrants from countries known to harbor terrorists, running up our national debt to unbelievable heights and crushing our economy with stifling regulations, all the product of the biggest bunch of liars ever to run our great country.
Our “squeaking wheel” needs more energy behind it. That’s how the 17 miles south of Meeker got funding. So don’t give up. Keep squeaking at every opportunity.
Dick Prosence