Letter to the Editor: Support for Iacino

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Dear Editor:

In a nation now chaotically teetering on the cliff’s edge of one of the most trying times in our history, the dearth in leadership of this nation is disheartening.

We cannot continue down a pathway where the common man and woman, who need opportunities, need access to solutions, need more than hope and a prayer, are continually showered by corporate-driven political slogans and tweeted promises. We need active, engaging plans for building innovative, practical businesses that provide decent, long-term jobs; we need focused leadership who listens, acknowledges the problem and puts a team together to fix it; we need active solutions now — especially as we watch the so-called efficiency of “bigger is better” fail. It is time not to rebuild, but to innovate and create an economy that works for all.

That is why I support James Iacino for the 3rd Congressional seat. I had become pretty jaded and cynical about leadership in both parties, and when I sat down with Mr. Iacino the first time, I went straight to my bell-weather question: “Where do you stand on country of origin labeling for beef?” If he hemmed and hawed, if he looked to an aide for an answer — I intended to get up and leave.

Instantly he said: “I support it. Mandatory country of origin labeling has been essential to my business. The consumer has a right to know and I want to be their partner.” I knew then we had a leader. He didn’t hedge. He didn’t look around for the answer. He gave it. That one action impressed me greatly. There was no slogan, no pandering, no asking where the lobbying group stood — just straight-forward honesty. We then had an in-depth discussion about creating a new economy.

One of the most compelling issues we face as we come out of this pandemic will be where and how we restructure this heaving, subsidized, and centralized economy that so many of us said was broken long before COVID-19 hit. Because James Iacino has been in the forefront of building an economic supply chain that works all the way from supplier,  to labor, to consumer — he knows exactly what to do.  He won’t need the on-the job training that can be too little to late. He won’t be trusting lobbyists for the answers.

James Iacino has my full support and endorsement.

Kathleen Sullivan Kelley
Past Colorado State Representative HD 57
Vice Chair, National Commission on Small Farms, 1998-2004