Letter to the Editor: Support for new justice center

Dear Editor:
There was a letter to the editor from the supporters of saving the old elementary school urging everyone to write the commissioners, so I am availing myself of that invitation.
I would like you to know that I am wholeheartedly, 100 percent in support of the plan to place the new Rio Blanco County Justice Center in that location, whether it may entail razing the old building and starting completely over or using parts of it and adding new, similar structure.
The justice center belongs there, in close proximity to the courthouse.
I was amazed at the artist’s rendering of what the new/old building might look like. It is absolutely beautiful and entirely in keeping with the architecture of the old building and the courthouse. In my opinion it will add immensely to the appearance of the downtown area and is entirely in keeping with the “center square” concept of so many of our cities and towns.
We simply cannot “save” everything; we have to move ahead.
I am very displeased with the efforts of the few purporting to totally represent “We the Taxpayers.”
I feel that is a gross exaggeration of the highest magnitude. I am decidedly and firmly opposed to adding yet another albatross for the taxpayers to support, and it is my firm belief that the proposal for a cultural center will end up being exactly that.
Basing the construction and upkeep on grants is an unrealistic idea and definitely is not supported by history or currant facts.
Comparing Meeker to Telluride, Carbondale and the other higher population cities and assuming the Cultural Center Plan would work with the population of Meeker and even the entire County of Rio Blanco is simply not realistic, notwithstanding the glowing assurances of the expert consultants.
Cathy Dolan’s letter to the editor of several weeks ago was concise, to the point, truthful and, to my knowledge, completely honest and accurate. As the commissioners have attempted to point out many times, either we build a modern, usable and workable justice center or the state will dictate what must be done and when we have to do it.
Those sands in the hourglass are down to the very last grains. “We the Taxpayers” will like that option least of all!
The work must be started as soon as possible. The planning has been exemplary, and I add my support to get on with it, for whatever that is worth.
Mike M. Brennan