Letter to the Editor: Supporting Anthony Mazzola for sheriff

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Dear Editor:
I feel it is extremely important to write a letter to the voting citizens of Rio Blanco County to let them know about the person I have had the privilege to know and work with for more than 30 years.

I am now 87, and I have seen many things in this county and have been associated with numerous individuals over time. I can honestly say that my associations with Anthony Mazzola are above and beyond that of most people I have known.
Anthony and I worked at the Rio Blanco Sheriff’s Office for several years, I as a dispatcher (total years at dispatch was 19) and Anthony as an officer. I used to joke that I helped raise him in the law enforcement world.
Anthony’s work ethic was impressive and his thoroughness in critical situations was outstanding. He was conscientious, steady, dependable and always willing to listen and look at each situation on its own. I could always depend on his knowledge of the area, the law and felt very comforted knowing he was on duty.
As a person I have had the honor of watching him be a loving husband, a caring father and, as a citizen, his volunteering at numerous sporting or school events, with the Lions Club and other community events was always refreshing. His friendly, outgoing and approachable personality was a bright spot to all who have had the opportunity to engage at various levels with Anthony. He does not shirk hard work or stressful situations and his honest and fair approach has helped many events run smoother.
With Anthony’s military background, working in both law enforcement and the judicial system, and his overall far-reaching ability to understand a situation and make a good solid judgment call is not only beneficial to the office of sheriff, but a quality that is imperative in that position.
I wholeheartedly recommend Anthony Mazzola for the office of sheriff of Rio Blanco County, and I know that with him at the helm our county will be very safe and he will lead the law enforcement department at a level of professionalism that is greatly needed in this day and age.
Thank you for your time and I hope you will vote for Anthony,
Beverly J. Shaw