Letter to the Editor: Tank supporters thank Rangely folks

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Dear Editor:
My first trip to the town of Rangely was in 1976 with the Colorado Chautauqua tour. It was great. We had everything from dancing to pottery workshops, and the people of Rangely joined in and tried everything.
You residents of Rangely went to the plays, listened to the music and greeted all the artists with a big welcome. What I did not know then was that 37 years later, I’d still be coming back.
That first time I was in Rangely, two men showed me the abandoned water tank and they rang it like a bell; that reverberation is still going on to this day.
Our group has been meeting at the tank and making recordings ever since.
Now, since this Kickstarter Campaign, the tank has, almost overnight, become world famous. More than 750 people from a dozen countries and all over the U.S. have contributed to save the tank.
We’re getting requests to make music there from around the globe each day.
Something really interesting is going on. But the thing that excites me most is how the people of Rangely have joined in with visits to the tank, with contributions from individuals and local businesses, prizes for the supporters — all, with that amazing spirit I remember so well when we came through with the Chautauqua tour. “Save the Tank” would not have been a success without you.
Dick and Lois LaFond are so grateful for the way they were received by the community last week during their visit.
Thank you Rangely! We look forward to a long and fruitful friendship.
Bruce Odland and
Friends of the Tank