Letter to the Editor: Taxes a bit higher than thought, but support still there

Dear Editor:
This week, ballots are set to arrive in mailboxes all over Colorado. The people of Meeker will have the opportunity to vote not just for state-level positions and decisions, but for one that impacts every member of our community.

Ballot issue 3A, a mill-levy override, will be on the ballot for Meeker voters. This issue asks to increase property taxes for citizens in Meeker in order to provide more funding for our schools.
At a recent Meeker Town Council meeting, a question was asked concerning the increase in taxes for local businesses. Rudy Andras, an economist at RBC Capital Markets, confirmed the following figures: Based on the most recent certified assessment of Aug. 25, 2014: if the mill levy override should pass, a residential property worth $100,000 in valuation would see an increase of approximately $10 (instead of $8) and a business with $200,000 in value would see an increase of $75 (instead of $55).
Because these numbers are different than the ones that were originally projected, the Citizens for Meeker Schools wanted to ensure that the community had the most current information available.
Andras pointed out that the only variable in the equation is the certified assessed value of property within the school district boundary, which has gone down since the original values were determined.
Healthy schools are the bedrock of a healthy community.
Professionals in the Meeker School District will come and go. However, the Meeker students will always be here. They are ours. It is our responsibility as a community to provide them with the funding that will ensure them an excellent education.
Please vote YES on 3A.
Natosha Clatterbaugh
Citizens for Meeker Schools