Letter to the Editor: Thank you all, very much

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Dear Editor:
Just after midnight on April 15 of this year, my hometown of Woodward, Okla., was struck by a tornado. Six people lost their lives and many homes and businesses were destroyed. We are getting things cleaned up, but it will be years before the scars left behind are erased.
The thing that we have all been amazed by is the concern and generosity of people from all over the United States, including Meeker. My daughter, Kari Jo, was born in Grand Junction. Then we moved and she grew up and attended school in Oklahoma. But, when you are born in Colorado, I believe the mountains keep calling you home. She spent her summers, while in high school and college, in Meeker. Not only because she loved staying with her grandparents, but she loved Meeker. As soon as she was graduated from college, she moved to Meeker. It’s “home” to her. In the days following the tornado, social media and newscast had gotten the word out about our hit from mother nature. The people of Meeker, knowing it was once Kari’s home, wanted to know how they could help. We needed batteries, flashlights, gloves, and tarps to help in the clean-up. In just one week, three large boxes showed up on my doorstep to be taken to where they are needed. When I told the lady volunteer where these supplies came from, she took a deep breath, and with tears in her eyes said, “Tell them thank you. Thank them all very much!” Today I received a envelope with hand painted cards of sympathy and concern (along with some candy) from the first grade class in Meeker to the first grade class in Woodward. I will hand deliver this mail tomorrow. So thank you, Meeker, Colo., from everyone in Woodward, Okla.,.
Parents dread the day their children grow up and move away. I am so glad my daughter picked Meeker to be her home. She is with people who love her as their own, and I know she loves you. It also allows me to come and enjoy the scenery that surrounds you every day. But its the people who make it beautiful.
Again, thank you. From everyone in Woodward, Okla.
Danny Stevens