Letter to the Editor: Thank you for good work on new gazebo

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Dear Editor,
We are writing on behalf of the Walbridge Memorial Wing and Pioneers Medical Center. We would like to extend a huge thank you to the many volunteers and donors who have made the new gazebo a reality.
Over the past several years, donations have been made to pay for a larger gazebo that would accommodate various outdoor activities for our Walbridge Wing residents. Thanks to everyone’s generosity the gazebo materials were purchased last fall.
Now, thanks to the hard work of volunteers the gazebo has been built. It is almost 18 feet by 20 feet and stands 10 feet tall. Please stop by on the north side of the Wing and take a look. Thank you to Luke Renninger, Nick Gianinetti, Keenan Turner, Chad Garza, Jacob Renninger, John Drussell, Jim Riegel, Roy Light, Choc Mathews, Terry Thompson, Donnie Kahlig, Scott Mobley, Kevin Amack and the Methodist Church volunteers.
To add to the beauty and serenity of the gazebo, a new waterfall and pond were installed. Brian Conrado, Redi Services, Holy Family Catholic Church and Berry Bros. donated materials and labor, so our residents could enjoy the sound of trickling water.

We appreciate everyone’s generosity. Thank you.
The Pioneers Medical Center Board of Directors,
PMC staff and the
Walbridge Wing residents