Letter to the Editor: Thank you Stephanie Kahler

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter is a thank you note to Stephanie Kahler, who taught an advanced creative writing class in Rangely, from student Phalon Osborn, who will be in seventh grade come fall. Osborn submitted the letter as part of the class. What follows is word for word as it was written. We thought you readers might enjoy the letter.

Dear Editor:
June 3-14, Miss Stephanie Kahler held an Advanced Creative Writing Class for middle school students. A variety of writing activities were planned to get student interaction with the community. On June 4, 2013 the writing class went up to Eagle Crest Assisted Living and interviewed some of the residents. Eagle Crest participants included Virginia and Robert Dunker, Rachel Palmer, Gay Lynne Voyles, Crissie Smith, Grace Warren, Joan Dyer, and Ruthann Chavez. Middle school writers were Aspen Rhea, Phalon Osborn, Destinee Ortega, Talyn Peck, Miekka Peck Breezy Davis, Calvin Bishop and Braxton Bishop. The students’ interviews were then used to created biographies, tall tales and realistic/historical fiction. Students worked for a week to perfect their writing creations.
The following Tuesday, June 11, the young writers went back up to Eagle Crest to share their biographies and short stories. Nurses Starlyn and Tina arranged punch and cookies for the event. After sharing, the students were able to talk and laugh with their grand-friends. “We were all so glad that we got the opportunity to interview and write stories about residents of the community,” states writer Phalon Osborn,
On June 12-13, the writing class took on another adventure and went to the Giant Step Daycare to help the kids write short stories and make “Burrito Books.” Some additional student writers to add to the group were Alexis and Alanna Wiley. Some Giant Step kiddos include, Cristalina, Tierra, Brayden, Cameron, David, Tanner, Jaden, and Steven. “We laughed, talked, and wrote with the small children. It was really fun,” states Osborn. We went back and shared our stories with the kids. They seemed to really enjoy what we taught them.
Miss. Kahler’s writing class was a success this year. The students learned a lot and had fun with writing. We hope to have a bigger turn out next year.
A special thank you to Miss Kahler who organized and taught the class. Also, a thanks to Starlyn and Tina, the nurses at Eagle Crest who helped a lot by letting us go up there and interview the residents. Thank you ladies at Giant Step for letting us go and interact with the little ones. And lastly, thanks to the parents who let their children come to this writing course.
Phalon Osborn
Future Seventh-Grade Student