Letter to the Editor: Thanks to last year’s Range Call committee, the ERBM and the Meeker Chamber

Dear Editor:
As a business owner, I would like to express my gratitude to last year’s Range Call Committee, the ERBM Recreation and Park District and the Meeker Chamber of Commerce.

For the first time in many years, locals and visitors were downtown participating in activities for the entire Fourth of July celebration.
My experience in previous years had been to see the downtown streets empty shortly after the parade. Last year was such a wonderful difference and a great boon to my business.
I would also like to extend big kudos to the White River Electric Association for purchasing items for their raffles/drawings from my shop. I truly appreciate all the efforts make by our local entities to keep and encourage the businesses in town.
Thank you again to all those entities and individuals alike that have shown support for Meeker businesses.
Pat Sheeran/Daggett
The Upstairs Gallery