Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Rangely camp hosts

Dear Editor:
This is an open letter to the Rangely Camper Park Management and the Rangely Town Administrators:
My wife and I want to publicly thank Richard and Kay Nickson for their commitment as camp hosts.

We spent two days in their cozy, great little RV park and watched these two older folks spend each day making your park comfortable, enjoyable and clean for each camper, including us.
My wife is almost a complete invalid and with their help, they made our stay very enjoyable. They made us feel special and appreciative of our visit.
We thanked them upon our departure; even tried to give them money (which thy wouldn’t take) so I left them some in a wrapped-up card we had borrowed from them.
Ha! Ha! We got the best on them!
We have friends in Vernal, Utah, and told them we want to print something for the paper and they said to send it to the Herald Times.
We are headed on home now to Florida with great memories of Rangely, Colo.
We plan to return next year and will be heading straight for the Rangely Camper Park.
You administrative folks know how to pick your people.
Again, thank you Nicksons.
Mr. and Mrs. James Humbles