Letter to the Editor: Thanks to those helping with county land plan

Dear Editor:
The White River and Douglas Creek conservation districts are excited that nearly three years of planning and work have culminated in the finalized Rio Blanco County Land and Resource Use Plan.

The districts greatly appreciate the support and partnership of the Rio Blanco County commissioners throughout the planning process. We had great community involvement in the development of the document, including the help of 14 steering committee members and input from the general public on multiple occasions.
Thank you to the Rio Blanco County commissioners and all citizens who provided input and comments.
This plan describes (1) citizens’ and the local government’s preferred environmental conditions (e.g.: stated policy on livestock grazing, timber management, road maintenance/closure, oil and gas extraction, special designations, etc.), (2) the local citizens’ “custom and culture,” and (3) the local economic baseline and needs for a strong economy.
The Plan is available through the conservation district and county offices or at www.whiterivercd.com
Callie Hendrickson
Executive Director
White River & Douglas Creek
Conservation Districts